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Santa Gertrudes Coffee Farm receives previously booked groups for a pedagogical tour where all the 100-year-old installations, which were used when coffee growing was at its peak at the farm, can be visited, such as: Bunker Silo, Processing Machines, Farmhouse, Church, Carpentry, Saw Mill, Saddlery, Dam, Terraces, Gardens, Watch-Towers, Coffee Washing Tanks, Corral, Manure Shed, Stables and a lot more. Everything built in harmony following rules from the same director plan over more than 22,000 square metres of construction.

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Washington Luiz Highway, 165 km - Sta Gertrudis - SP - BR View map
Scenario novel
Scenario novel The aesthetic beauty and preservation of Finance of the golden era of coffee led to its use as the setting for novels of the time. See the gallery of novels written in the farm