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Acontece Regional Magazine

Thursday, 11th february, we received Ailton Barbosa, Director and manager of the Acontece Regional magazine and the Journalist Vanessa Fonseca Osava. While the Journalist discover more about the "Model Farm" of the 20th century, Ailton take beautiful photos to publish in the magazine, that will be soon in the Acontece magazine in your third edition. We hope to see the next magazine, and for now we thank to participate of this next edition.  - (Posted in 11/2/2010).

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Guia Casar Bem magazine

July 1st, Santa Gertrudes Farm was the scenery for the brides guide called “Guia Casar Bem”. The models were beautiful accomplishing the beauty of the farm made the Brides Guide an excellent magazine. We were right on the cover that can be saw trough the website www.guiacasarbem.com.br. We thanks all the team and we welcome everyone that wants to make our farm yours scenery - (Posted in 1/7/2009).

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Fashion Editorial for Trifatto Magazine from Piracicaba

On this Wednesday, May 20th, we received the staff of AS3 Publishing from Piracicaba, for a fashion editorial from Trifatto Magazine; the pictures will be on June edition of this year. The Nature contributed a lot and the pictures were more beautiful! The Trifatto staff was enchanted with the beauty of the Farm. We were very happy with the visit, and we thank everybody because of the honor of being in an edition of the magazine! For further information visit: www.trifatto.com.br - (Posted in 20/5/2009).

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Usina Iracema Training

Founded in 1937, when a small factory of sugarcane rum received investments and became a distillery of alcohol, the Iracema grew up, started to produce sugar in 1946 and was modernized on the last decades. Today, the factory, that is in Iracemápolis (160 km from São Paulo), has about 1,8 thousand fixed employees acting on agricultural, industrial and administrative areas, and has also advanced management systems and effective programs on environmental areas and social responsibility. The Iracema cultivates sugarcane in its own lands and in partnerships lands in eight cities; about 25% of the raw material processed by the factory come from the suppliers. The Usina Iracema (partner of Santa Gertrudes Farm in producing sugarcane) now is using our place to give a behavioral training to its employees, in the months of February, march and...

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Prize Party of Arvin Meritor

On October 30th, the company ArvinMeritor, from Limeira-SP, realized on the Farm, the prizing of its teams from the sector of production and administration. Besides the prize, the event had exposition, band, cocktail, tour guided and dinner. The realization of this event was a big pride for the Farm, because ArvinMeritor is nationally recognized by the researches, as one of the best companies to work, as the number one company in Brazil on the strategic and management area, having an strategic planning well structured, with sustainable programs of social responsible. The wonderful event was organized by the company “Kria Festa”, from Limeira (Tel: (19)3444-3279). Congratulations to all the organizers of the event, and our thank very much to ArvinMeritor!  - (Postado em 30/10/2008).

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Scenario novel
Scenario novel The aesthetic beauty and preservation of Finance of the golden era of coffee led to its use as the setting for novels of the time. See the gallery of novels written in the farm