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Social Feijoada

The event “Social Feijoada” that donated all revenue to the Health House “Bezzerra de Menezes”, GACC “Support Group to the child of Cancer” and Associama “Association of friend of the Araras Hospital” that gathered hundreds of people at the Bunker Silo Complex on Saturday, 11th. All guests were weaning the events and shirt, showing solidarity and mingling on this grand party, in the beautiful people all over. The most famous dish of the Brazilian culinary tradition was served in great style, sealing the High quality and success of the event that was idealized by the young Gustavo Buschinelli with the companies Cappuci Events (19 3251 9011) and Premissa Total Communication (www.premissa.com / 19 3254 3400), with the sponsorship of national and international brands. Congratulations to all who attended and made this event a successful one realized at the farm.


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Scenario novel
Scenario novel The aesthetic beauty and preservation of Finance of the golden era of coffee led to its use as the setting for novels of the time. See the gallery of novels written in the farm